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Building Hope in Christ for Africa

Medical Mission Trips Through Living Hope Christian Ministries

Each year I am thankful for the opportunity to travel with a team of volunteer doctors, surgeons, nurses, volunteers and pharmacists from the U.S. travel to Nigeria with Living Hope Christian Ministries on medical mission trips. The only way I am able to participate in this mission trip is through the generous giving of my friends, family and sometimes total strangers. The care we provide is a godsend to rural villagers who at risk of death as a result of preventable or treatable health problems, simply because medical services and supplies are unavailable to them.

Insect bites, injuries and stomach flu shouldn’t result in death. But the sad reality is far too often they do. Furthermore, problems are often exacerbated in remote villages where people have little access to paved roads or transportation. An ill person often turns to the only help available, even if it is a witch doctor. Unfortunately, without proper care from professionals, health conditions often worsen and in some cases result in death.